ra iso means can't in Javanese (the full word can not would be ora iso).

I made this site to express myself, showcase my wacky creations, and share my thoughts. Here are some thoughts that kick-start the creation of this site in the first place.

I’m quite frankly - tired of being told that I shouldn’t do something because X is already made. Don’t get me wrong - I absolutely stand by the don't reinvent the wheel expression when it’s taken to its true meaning. In a professional setting, we should absolutely maximize the amount of reuse that we can do. Higher reuse == higher efficiency when done correctly, as simple as that. I began to loathe this statement, however, when it is thrown around so easily to justify laziness. Blatantly copying someone else’s code without any attempt of understanding, belittling those who try to make things from scratch, accepting the status quo as is without an ounce of critical thinking - all are detrimental towards progress and innovation. In this perspective and in the context of learning more - my advice would be to reinvent the wheel as much as you could, as much as you like.

I know that there’s a limit to what a person could do - no matter how skillful the person is. A lot of problems are simply too complex to tackle alone, and banding together seems to be the logical conclusion. However, this argument could be made to any entity at differing points of size - they might be simply too small to tackle a particular problem. Continuing this line of thought, a trend emerges where centralized entities grow in size - namely huge corporations, states, and various types of organizations. In my opinion, their existence is simply a consequence of the ever-increasing complexity of our life and like it or not - necessary.

To quote my favorite virtual singer KAF:

Things like money, business, and efficiency

They aren’t beautiful at all

But we can’t live without things like that.

KAF (花譜) - Kyou Kankaku (狂感覚)

The same thing happened to the internet. It’s now absolutely dominated by a few corporations that have immense control and power over certain things. On one hand, it’s a good thing as it accelerated the internet’s development. Higher speed, bandwidth, and computing power are objectively good, and I have personally enjoyed that. On the other hand, as the internet converges into a few very popular sites, it lost the charm and wonder it once had when personal sites thrived and countless nameless blogs expressed refreshing opinions from a unique point of view - without a care whether people would press the like button or not.

So there’s another motivation for this site - I simply want a space that is mine, that I would share with a few people, and maybe sometime in the distant future - some strangers would read it and be inspired to make things that are theirs, decentralizing part of the internet, and having a boatload of fun in their pursuit.

And they wouldn’t care even if someone is telling them that they can’t do it.